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             Fujian Qianyi Construction Design Co.m Ltd. is a design approved by the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China Construction Engineering Class A qualification [Certificate Number: A135003353]. The main business scope includes: undertake general industrial and civil engineering, municipal design, decoration design, landscape design, urban planning, ancient architectural design, curtain wall design, foundation pit design.
             Adhere to the "high-quality design and dedicated service" for the purpose of the work, and friends for their support and the cooperation of all employees of the company, the company's management mechanism and constantly improve, have been expanding continuously enhance enterprise competitiveness. Today, the company not only has a staff with adequate and complete, strong technical force, professional team, and has a wealth of experience in construction engineering as Quanzhou rapid socio-economic development and continue to grow. After years of joint efforts of the entire staff, Fujian Province, one hundred billion Architectural Design Co., Ltd. has been in the industry to establish its own brand and good reputation.
             Currently more than 120 practitioners backbone of the company, a registered architect 13 and 10, a registered structural engineers, 5 senior engineers, 30 intermediate engineers, 40 assistant engineers, with strong technical and business strength. Since its inception, the company has to undertake the hundreds from planning and architectural design, preliminary design, construction drawings and design with the whole process of the project to the late, covering office, commercial, hotel, schools, homes, apartments, villas, and set a variety of functions in one city complex construction projects. Architectural engineering design project completed multiple won the Outstanding Engineering Design Award of the national, provincial and municipal.
             Fujian Province, one hundred billion Architectural Design Co., Ltd. has become a design new army should not be overlooked by the Fujian region, have the strength to compete with other outstanding design company, and set up branches in Chongqing, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Longyan. Achievements only our starting point, rather than our end, we will be a percentage of the sincerity and enthusiasm, with excellent design work and a good sense of service, service for the majority of the owners, and make due contribution to building a better city .
             In order to achieve development by leaps and bounds, the Fujian one hundred billion Architectural Design Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome the design profession brightest Xiancai to join, we will provide you with a good platform for the development of, and seek common development, work together to create a vibrant, united, wealthy The vitality of the design team. Welcome construction industry people from all walks of life to visit the guide, business negotiations, we will be happy to serve you!

        Fujian Corporation
        Address: 4 floor,Xinya Buliding,Donghu Street,Fengze District,Quanzhou ,Fujian province
        Tel :0595 -22562985
        Fax :0595 -22576477
        E-mail: qz2576477@163.com
        Zip: 362000

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